Who we are?

Bittrade Group is a platform launched in 2017. Our goal is to create a quality product in the crypto industry. The development of the platform was carried out in several directions at once. The first product created by the Bittrade team was the crypto fund. For long-term investments, traders use fundamental analysis, while technical analysis allows them to make successful medium- and short-term trades. The combination of both methods formed the basis for analytical strategies that helps the Bittrade team to trade both in the growing and falling markets successfully. With a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC, Bittrade Group investors receive 48% per annum with the possibility of monthly withdrawal of profits. The affiliate program gives investors the opportunity to get a profit from the deposit of each involved participant.

Perennial experience of traders formed the basis of the educational course of the Bittrade Group. Unlike other courses on crypto trading, team members can share with their students not only knowledge of various types of analysis, but also explain how to generate income without investment. Among the main ways that are disclosed within the course, there are airdrops and bounty campaigns. With minimal time and effort, you can earn coins of projects, which in the future can significantly increase in price. Therefore, you ensure yourself a reasonable profit without any financial losses. The course also reveals such an essential topic as security. Unfortunately, the crypto industry is full of scammers and seekers of easy profit. That is why knowing how and where it is safe to store cryptocurrency and protect your accounts on exchanges or crypto wallets is merely vital. Furthermore, the VIP education is available on the platform. In this training, speakers will share the most effective ways of collecting valuable information with minimal time losses. After the education course on the Bittrade Group platform, each participant gets access to the team chat, in which our experienced trader regularly uploads his trading forecasts.

However, the activities of the Bittrade Group platform are not limited to these two areas only. The Bittrade team also launched a compensation fund for participants of investment projects or bounty campaigns that lost their money due to fraud, violation of terms, conditions, or promises, or failure to fulfill the obligations.  Compensation is paid in tokens of Bittrade Group, developed on the Waves platform.

The price of Bittrade tokens is controlled by lending. This algorithm offers an innovative solution for the financial industry since it allows stabilizing token’s value by reducing or increasing interest rates. Bittrade Group customers receive additional benefits, as anyone who has shown interest can receive a group token free of charge to their own balance assets. The received tokens can be used to pay for services on the project platform or for trading on the exchange. To participate in the  Token Lending, you need to buy the project’s tokens on the Waves DEX exchange, then send them us and fill out the form on the project website. You will receive 30% of the tokens you sent after 90 days.

Why does the team provide such opportunities?

First, it allows regaining confidence in the crypto industry, which has decreased significantly due to a large amount of the scam. Secondly, the distribution of the project’s tokens allows the Bittrade Group to acquaint the target audience with its unique proposals.


The Bittrade platform’s token will be distributed not only in the process of compensation but also during the IBO. Many projects conduct the ICO to collect investment for the further development of the product. However, not all projects collect the necessary amount of investment. At the same time, even with the successful sale of tokens, this does not guarantee the fulfillment of obligations to investors by the project participants. IBO differs from ICO in that the participants receive a reward for the performed tasks. And this is another feature of the Bittrade Group project, as it does not need an ICO.

SMM Pump

Bittrade Group also offers users the services of promoting accounts on social networks, namely Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram and Facebook. It's no secret that the promotion of social networks in the modern world can increase the number of customers and their trust in your product or service and improve the activity of accounts. For a low cost, you can get a quality SMM Pump of your accounts.

Another important direction of the development of the Bittrade Group is a masternodes pool. At the moment, there are many different masternodes that give investors a chance to get a good profit. Most often, for participation, it is necessary to have a high level of initial investment. Bittrade Group solves this issue by creating a pool, to which anyone can join.


Consequently, the Bittrade team offers quality products in various directions. You will not only be able to obtain valuable knowledge about how to safely store and increase your capital, but also learn how to receive projects’ coins for free. Regardless of market conditions, the Bittrade Group platform allows maximizing the revenue of participants in crypto space.

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