Summarizing our completed goals

Greetings everyone! Let’s summarize accomplished tasks a little over the past year.

 Our crypto fund is 2 years old. 2 years of confident work and promise of profit to those who believed in us initially and to those who support us! We are very grateful to all who have been with us all this time, as well as to those who remain true to the Blockchain technology. Together we can change the world! You still have the opportunity to become a part of our family. Follow the link and register. On the Bittrade Crypto Fund website.

Bittrade Group 1st year. It was the active year of the platform development after that we realized that it was possible to share information and experience with everyone free of charge. We managed to gather a pretty big community of active participants. What we are so proud of. During this time many directions around the platform were discovered that we tested and constantly improved namely:
 — Education. Today knowledge is the most important and highly paid resource. Constant development and adaptation to modern technologies is a necessity in the modern world. Knowledge about cryptographic currencies makes it possible to earn a profit on this fast-growing trend. In our course we share the skills and developments that our traders and analysts have earned over four years.
 — Bittrade Crypto Fund. We use several analysis strategies:
 ✔️ Fundamental analysis — allows you to explore all aspects of the project including its team and technology which is more suitable for long-term investment.
 ✔️ Technical analysis — the most important since it is used by traders every day to find short and medium-term deals. Allows you to define risk and profit parameters as well as much more.
 — Bittrade Compensation Fund. We also launched a compensation fund for participants in investment projects, bounty campaigns, the Forex market, who lost their funds due to fraudulent actions of the project administration, default breach of conditions and promises from the founders of the project.
 — Crypto Trading Strategies. If you do not have enough knowledge to succeed but you are still doing it you are likely to lose your hard-earned money. Trading on crypto exchanges is not a gambling but a hard day-to-day job. In the search for guidance many newcomers find themselves in several telegram channels — and this worsens their position much often. We created a small chat group for crypto trade ideas which provided ideas from our traders.
 — Token Lending. This is an algorithm for controlling the price volatility of our token. Thanks to this algorithm the price of a GROUP token is stabilized by lowering or increasing interest rates and market interventions. Thanks to this mechanism everyone can get a GROUP token free of charge as a percentage of their balance.
 — SMM Pump. Personal popularity is one of the important tools for success of your profile and increasing the profit and monetization of your business / knowledge / products. All you want: Subscriptions / Likes / Views! We will always be happy to help and advise.
 — Masternodes Pool. Working with us you do not invest all the capital in one masternode — you have the opportunity to split it into several parts and enter the pools of the masternode of different projects. This minimizes the risks caused by the descents of individual coins. Before choosing a masternode our team thoroughly explores the project, calculates its potential. And after that we offer it to the community.

 2018 was difficult for the entire cryptoworld. But “Spring” is not far off. And we are sure of that.

If you have any questions. We will be glad to answer them in comments! And in our telegram chat also.

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