Start a new pool for the Bettex Project Masternodes

Earlier we announced the launch of a pool for investment in the Bettex masternode. For some reason we were forced to postpone its start and probably it will positively affect the future profit of our investors.

Let’s update the information about the project and consider why it is worth investing in masternode?

The main idea of Bettex is to create a decentralized betting exchange using Bettex Coin (BTXC) as the main means of payment. The use of blockchain technologies will allow to solve a number of problems inherent in the gambling industry:

  • Different fraudulent activities;
  • Processing problem;
  • Fault tolerance problems;
  • Private access problems;
  • Lengthy time verification;
  • The risks of using the third parties to replenish the account balance and storing their funds in third-partycompanies.

Concerning the size of the gambling market — more than $50 billion it is safe to say that projects using the blockchain technology will occupy their niche and possibly lead the industry to a new level!

At the moment, the project team is moving according to the previously published Road Map observing the time frame. In December 2018, the community was provided with the Alfa version of the betting exchange (more details here), which had a positive effect on the BTXC price and on the whole trust of the community. In the near future the Beta-version of the betting exchange for the wallets for iOS and Android devices are expected as well as the placement of coins on new exchanges.


It is worth mentioning about the project team itself — the team is constantly in touch with the community in Telegram chat, Discord and is always ready to help you. On the YouTube channel of the project you can find a video about the functioning of the future betting exchange as well as various instructions.

Let’s analyze why it is now profitable to invest in the project’s masternode program?


At the moment the price for BTXC is almost at the bottom of the general trading range. There is a significant shortage of coins in the market so the likelihood of the price falling below is extremely small.

News and Events

In the near future, many events and news are expected as described above in the Roadmap. The main event of course is the release of the Beta-version of the betting exchange. Also announced the launch of a joint project with a key partner RKT8 Media Group, details are expected on March 18. Further placement of BTXC on stock exchanges is likely to increase demand which will have a positive effect on the price of the coin.

Masternode profit

According to the website the income of the masternodes is about 66% per year at a relatively low cost at the moment — $395.


After analyzing the available information it can be noted that the investment in the Bettex Coin Masternode is promising and highly profitable with relatively minimal risks. Join our pool, to get more details about the investment process proceed to the link below.

If you have any questions — we will be happy to answer in the comments!
And also in our Telegram chat.

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