Token Lending

Token Lending is an algorithm for controlling the volatility of our token price. Due to this algorithm, the price of group token is stabilized by reducing or increasing interest rates and interventions on the market. Thanks to this mechanism, everyone can get group token for free as an interest for their own balance assets.

Current rates

Below you can find the existing interest lending rates




We provide an opportunity to receive an additional number of tokens to pay for our services or for trading on the exchange.

How to lend token

In order to use the lending option, perform the following steps

Benefits of Token Lending

Token Lending has a number of advantages that makes its solutions innovative for the fintech industry of the XXI century.


You get the opportunity to increase the number of group tokens without much effort


Working with blockchain technologies allows to secure all your transactions and lendings


A limited token amount, which can be sent to lending, allows us to make demand for our services