Nowadays, knowledge is the most important and highly paid resource. Continuous development and adaptation to the modern technologies is a must in today’s world. Knowledge about the cryptocurrency gives an opportunity to earn quite well on this rapidly developing trend. Our team has gained years of practice in asset trading, including cryptocurrencies. In our course, we will share skills and developments, which some traders have acquired in over 4 years.

During the training period you will gain knowledge about:

Fundamental analysis is the exact opposite of technical analysis since it almost completely ignores the current mood of the market and is aimed at identifying future prospects. For the fundamental analysis, the real intrinsic value of a particular crypto currency is important. It depends on the purpose of the coin, its uniqueness, general emissions, mining features, and other characteristics. This knowledge is important for long-term investments.

It is very important not only to multiply your assets but also save and secure funds. The course will provide information on the security of accounts on exchanges, the storage of cryptocurrency on the Online and Offline wallets.

The Bounty campaign – an incentive program for helping in the promotion of ICO. Each project that launches its ICO creates a Bounty campaign. The services are paid for in the project tokens, which you can either immediately sell, or hold in the hope of price growth in the future. Most importantly, many of the Bounty campaigns do not require any significant efforts from you. You do not need to attract investors to obtain commissions.

Airdrop – free distribution of coins as a token of gratitude for the fact that you paid attention to the cryptocurrency. To participate in airdrop the project developer asks you to register or perform other minor actions. Why should developers give coins for free? It’s simple. Advertising is an engine of trade. Freebie fans instantly distribute information on the network.

Technical analysis – a set of tools for predicting the likely price changes based on the patterns of price changes in the past in similar circumstances. Its basis is the analysis of price charts (diagrams) and/or exchange cup. Theoretically, technical analysis is applicable in any market. However, it is most common on the highly liquid free markets, for example, exchanges.
Technical analysis consists of the following parameters:
• Levels and lines of resistance and support
• Technical indicators
• Figures (patterns) on large sections of the graph
• “Candle analysis” – patterns on Japanese candles or bars on short sections
• Trade statistics – volumes, cups, etc.

Using our experience and knowledge, our speakers will lead you behind the scenes of standard features and offer you several ways to gain information and material benefits with minimal time losses. This type of training will give you the opportunity to obtain ready-made cases of work with the crypto-currency market. The cost of training in the is 1000 group tokens. Buy 

At the end of the course, we will consolidate this knowledge into practice. For the next month, you will get an access to our chat room, where we will further help you better understand this fascinating business. Another bonus will be access to the chat of one of our traders, where he regularly shares his trading predictions.

After a successful course of education, we issue a document that is certified by a blockchain through the service оf proof of existence