Compensation Fund

Bittrade Group launches a compensation fund for participants of investment projects, bounty campaigns, the Forex market, who lost their funds, due to fraudulent actions of the project administration, failure to fulfill obligations, violation of terms and promises by the project’s founders. Bittrade Group team decided to distribute compensation in our own tokens to familiarize the target audience with our projects and restore confidence in the industry.
If earlier projects actively shared their tokens with users for posts, likes, retweets, translations or spreading information, now cases of non-payment awards for bounty campaigns have become frequent. The reasons may be different: the project did not succeed, the creators did not collect minimum investments (so they could not pay the money to the bounty hunters), or vice versa, the project has raised funds and appropriated the investors' money. Sometimes the project simply refuses to fulfill the conditions for the participants of the bounty campaigns. Bittrade Group wants to help those people who have faithfully carried out assignments! That's why we decided to encourage the audience, which is almost disappointed in the new crypto-startups.

We position ourselves as a team of professional portfolio managers. Our sphere: trading in the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. Bittrade Group launched an education course a year ago. At the same time, we continue to trade and organize events to gather around interested individuals. We want people to make a conscious decision about investment!

Bittrade Group created its own token on the WAVES platform. Our token will be used in compensation deceived participants of investment projects. The platform has its own WAVES DEX exchange, where a token can be bought for crypto assets or sold for BTC, ETH. Therefore, Bittrade Group plans to attract the target audience to the projects’ chats and groups. Token holders will be able to pay for the services offered by the company: adding subscribers in social media channels; education for portfolio management; token lending; assistance with masternodes setup; access to the private traders’ chat etc.

Since Bittrade Group team has been functioning for several years, it’s interested in both project’s development and community expansion!

Bounty campaign (bounty) – distribution of coins (tokens) for the work, especially for activity in social networks (posts, likes, retweets), assistance with translation, management topics on forums, chats moderations etc. Bounty program can last up to several months.Unfortunately, there are cases of non-payment awards for the work done. Reasons – the project did not succeed and the creators did not collect the minimum investment for the project (in this case they could not pay the money to the bounty hunters). On the contrary, the project collected the funds and appropriated the investors’ money. Another reason – the project refused to fulfill the conditions for the participant’s bounty campaign due to their own free will.

We try to help everyone who has faithfully carried out assignments!

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) – a financial pyramid, operating in the harsh realities of the Internet. Promises its investors an incredible profitability, but after some time, it is predictably closed. As a rule, it has a legend – what the company allegedly does. Someone is renting a house in the Bahamas, someone is trading on Forex, someone is taking an investment in a serious business, but more often just mining crypto currency.
Projects always close without fulfilling their promises!

We try to help everyone who did not realize the risks, invested in such projects!

Forex (Forex, sometimes FX, from the English Foreign Exchange – “foreign exchange”) – the market for interbank currency exchange at free prices (the quote is formed without restrictions or fixed values). Often used a combination of “Forex market” (English Forex market, FX-market).
Very often people become victims of fictitious forex brokers or managers!

We try to help everyone who is looking for the ways to make a profit, but burned!

Projects that want to help the crypto industry, can also participate in the compensation fund as a sponsor. If you are an actively developing project that is looking for the target audience and can allocate funds for moral and material compensation ICO participants, Bounty  campaigns participants, investment projects or forex, we will happily cooperate in with you in this direction. For more detailed information, write to us by e-mail or telegram.

First Round Completed