Qovar Airdrop Campaign

Qovar coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which is created based on the proof-of-stake concept.

Get 0,1 Qovar coin for joining:
📌Telegram https://t.me/Qovarcoin
📌Twitter https://twitter.com/QovarC
📌Facebook https://www.facebook.com/QovarC/
And 0,06 Qovar coin also for inviting each new friend

📈Current price 1 Qovar coin = 2,5$
☝️🏻The Qovar coins will be distributed when 30 000 subscribers will be in the Telegram-chat!

You will get you referral invite link after you join all social networks
❗️ Attention:
All tasks must be completed before the airdrop ends otherwise you will not receive your Qovar coin.
📖You can read the full text of the rules at the link http://bit.ly/2AaCSbk

Download Qovar Wallet here https://qovar.com/Downloads/

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