Bettex Masternode Pool

Pool details:
1. Pool node – 5000 BTXC (3 ETH)
2. The profit of the node – 66% per year
3. The term of the node – 1 year
4. Minimum investment – 0.1 ETH
5. Maximum investment – 3 ETH
6. Payment of profits – monthly
7. Return on investment in BTXC coins
8. Bittrade Commission – 20%

To become an investor of a Bettex node, you need to register on and enter all the data in your account settings. Then go to the Masternode tab and fill out the application for participation, specifying the necessary data. After that you will receive an email confirming your participation and you will be added to the Whitelist of a smart contract. The letter will also include a link to the smart contract for receiving investments in ETH (Ethereum).The node will be launched when 100% of the pool has been collected thereafter you will be notified by mail. Closing one pool will open the next pool for receiving funds.We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the pools that are already running on our platform.
** Hard cap of pool in ETH can be changed by changing the market rate.

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