New Pool for the SmartCash Masternode

The number of masternodes has sharply increased over the past year. However, finding a reliable project, investment in which allowed getting a sustainable profit, is not so easy. SmartCash stands out among the multitude of masternodes.

Initially, the project team planned to create a universal and convenient cryptocurrency with fast transactions. At the moment it is a successful product, which consists of the following components:

  1. THE SMARTHIVE is a decentralized organizational model. SmartHive and Hive Structuring Teams were developed to maintain the management structure. SmartHive gives an opportunity for SmartCash coin holders to vote for ideas and projects of community members. It allows each member of the ecosystem to participate in the discussion, to put forward proposals, to stimulate the development and growth of the entire system.
  2. HIVE STRUCTURING TEAMS includes three areas:
  • Development and implementation of technologies;
  • Marketing and advertising;
  • User support.

HST determines the general path of the project’s development. A team is created in each section.  Each team has its  coordinator and budget, which allows working autonomously without a central structure. HST team members influence the development of the project on an ongoing basis, while SmartHive implies the involvement of all members of the community.


The SmartCash project was the first to introduce a decentralized voting system on the blockchain. On the SmartHive platform, one SmartCash token is equal to one voice. Therefore, users can support preferred ideas and projects.

4. INSTANTPAY is a technology that guarantees the instantaneity of any transactions using the SmartCash network. The project plans that InstantPay will be applied for shopping in stores and online. The Bitcoin network cannot be used for these purposes due to technological constraints that lead to significant transaction delays and their high cost. SmartCash intends to correct these issues. INSTANTPAY allows using SMART coins in daily transactions.

5. SMART REWARDS is a way to encourage coin holders for long-term storage. Token distribution starts at 574,100 and occurs cyclically after every 47,500 blocks. SmartNodes track members that are eligible for rewards. They use the SmartCash wallet and participate in online decision making. Each SmartNode must have a 10,000 SMART as a deposit to start a node.

SmartNodes include:

  • InstantPay: allows blocking SmartCash transactions in about a second. Consequently, the risk of a duplicate transaction is eliminated.
  • SmartRewards: SmartNodes are responsible for calculating SmartRewards. Therefore, the block reward are distributed  automatically.

The annual income of network members is approximately 38%. The minimum entry fee, required to run the masternode, is approximately $ 225. Comparative income with such investments you can see on the table below or online here:

Consequently, the SmartCash project is beneficial for launching the masternode, since:

  • It has a low entry fee;
  • It allows participants to receive a high annual income;
  • It is a reliable project that not only implements the steps stated in the roadmap but also constantly develops.

The Bittrade Group creates a pool to launch the SmartCash masternode. The Bittrade team will distribute coins between investors regarding the invested amount of money. Fundraising will be carried out using a trustee pool service in ETH. You can check your income in real time. Information on the exact launch date of the masternode will be published on the Bittrade Group website shortly.

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