New Pool for the Polis Masternode

The cryptocurrency market is going through hard times – a sharp drop in the Bitcoin price led to a decline in the value of most alternative coins. However, the Bittrade project allows platform participants to receive passive income in any market condition. The Bittrade Group team is planning to launch the Polis masternode.

Polis cryptocurrency was developed for the global community. It uses the blockchain’s decentralization to create a system of democratic financing. The project’s coin uses the Proof of Stake consensus. Each node owner gains the right to vote and can influence the following community suggestions:

  • Charitable donation;
  • Business development;
  • Community events;
  • Changes in the code.

The project declares its mission as a link between digital communities and marginal countries in developing regions. Therefore, all participants can influence global society. The project, as well as the Bittrade Group, does not plan to conduct an ICO, as it provides access to all participants. The project’s financing is based on the pre-mining and ownership of 1% of the masternodes. Therefore, the community owns 99% of the Polis coins.

The Polis project solves two main disadvantages of Bitcoin:

  • No incentive system for nodes – the number of nodes in the system are not enough to maintain the stability and speed of the network;
  • Lack of community management – the general lack of movement direction, fragmentation of the crypto community.

Polis has a great advantage over most crypto assets, as it adds the masternodes as a second level of computing.

Currently masternodes perform two functions:

  • Instant transactions that are irreversible and permanent.
  • Community Management – each node owner, can vote and complete a superblock transaction.

For the coin storage the project team has created a wallet available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The project also launched the PolisPay payment cryptocurrency card, which allows you to:

  • Receive and send payments in cryptocurrency worldwide;
  • Transfer cryptocurrency assets into fiat money and buy goods or pay for services;
  • Check the income from masternodes;

Each wallet owner can order a $ 25 PolisPay card. It can be used both for withdrawing cash at any ATM and for paying for services and goods from any merchant accepting MasterCard.

The POLIS coin is traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

The launch of the masternode took place in 2017, and after eight months the number of network members increased to 2500 active nodes. You can see the distribution of rewards on the following diagram:

A minimum amount of 1,000 POLIS is required to run a single node. It is equal to approximately $ 646. The annual profit of network members would be around 127%. You can see the comparative income at this level of investment in the table:

The Bittrade Group plans to launch a pool shortly. The Bittrade team will use the trustee service to collect funds. Each participant will receive income as a percent regarding the amount of investments. You can also check your income daily. Follow the latest news on the Bittrade Group platform to keep abreast of new profit-making ways.

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