Masternodes: Passive income on the cryptocurrency

Proportional to the reduction of the market capitalization decreases the enthusiasm of the participants in the crypto-space. Despite the falling market, there are plenty of options for earning money on crypto-currencies. One relatively passive way to profit is to launch the masternode.

Masternode is a complete crypto-currency node, which in real time keeps a copy of the whole blockchain. It allows investors to receive passive income by participating in the creation and development of the network. Masternodes are not autonomous. They are constantly in the interaction with others, forming a jointly decentralized network. Their functionality differs from the ordinary nodes in the ability to:

  • Increase the confidentiality of transactions;
  • Participate in the network management;
  • Be responsible for allocating funds for its development;
  • Instantly transfer funds from one address to another.

To guarantee the stability of the system, the investor should make an initial contribution. For participation in the process, each owner of the masternode receives a daily bonus. The game theory and a combination of technical features ensure the security of the blockchain. In most cases, the high entry fee is the main factor that stops investors from launching the masternode. For example, it will cost 193 800 dollars to launch the Dash masternode!

Before launching the masternode, you should choose the right coin and count the payback. Some coins offer too low bonuses; others are unreliable. New projects often promise a fantastic profit (100% or more). However, as the number of nodes increases, the income of each participant decreases. Also, they can sharply and significantly fall in price, which substantially reduces the income of participants. Furthermore, no one can guarantee that the project will not collapse, especially in the current market situation.

As an example, we can consider the possibility of earning on Pivx. It is a platform aimed at the reduction of transaction fees, acceleration of transactions and confidentiality of operations. The project uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm to protect the network. The team positions the masternodes as personal savings accounts for customers. To open an account, you need to buy 10 000 Pivx. In return, users are rewarded with bonuses (90% of awards are distributed between nodes).

At the moment, the launch of the masternode will cost $11,170. The annual income will be slightly less than 13% (approximately 1.5 thousand dollars). Look at the table of relative income (information is valid on September 30, 2018):

Regarding the riskiness and volatility of the market, it is recommended to create a diversified investment portfolio. However, what should an investor do with such a high entry fee? The Bittrade Group solves this issue with the help of a masternodes pool.

What can the Bittrade Group offer you?

Our team studied the most profitable and reliable projects that work on the masternodes. Our clients invest their money in the investment pool. We collect the required entry fee using the trust pool service. After that, we launch the node. We do not invest exclusively in one project. It allows our investors to distribute their capital.

Furthermore, it reduces the risks and prevents losses in case of sharp jumps in price. The profit is distributed among investors in proportion to the share of the invested funds. Each participant can check the benefit daily. Consequently, the Bittrade Group allows investors to earn regardless of the seed capital.

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