EtainPower Airdrop Campaign

EtainPower is a Blockchain-based energy ecosystem powered by AI.

Today you have the chance to receive up to 3100 free EPR tokens in amazing Airdrop.

Additionally, you have the chance to receive an extra 400 EPR tokens for every person you refer!
1 EPR = ~0.0065 USD (Price for 1 EPR is estimated)

Click “Start” now and follow the instructions provided.

Follow for few steps to get token from telegram bot:

After you need input your data in telegram bot:

  1. Please enter your Email address. In case you performed the optional task make sure you use the same one as you used for registering on our website.
  2. Please enter your Twitter ID, for example @etainpower_io, or press “Skip Twitter Task” to skip this step, if you do not like to participate.
  3. Did you sign up on our website using the Email you provided?
  4. Did you join ICOAnnouncement and read their review?
  5. Did you follow ICOAnnouncement on Twitter and retweeted their review about EtainPower?
  6. Please submit your retweet link
  7. Lastly please submit your ETH wallet address, so that we can send out your tokens. (Format should be 0x + 40 character hexadecimal).

You can get 400 additional EPR token for every valid referral.

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