Cryptocurrencies rapidly gain market share

16 crypto companies entered Fintech 100 – a document assessing the world innovation leaders in the financial technologies. The annual report created by H2 Ventures, VC (Venture Capital) and KPMG consists of Top 50 and New Top 50. Among the crypto companies included in the list are the following:

  • OneConnect is a subsidiary of the largest insurance company in China, Ping An, which focuses on providing solutions for small and medium-sized banks, using Blockchain, Big Data and other new technologies in its service;
  • QUOINE – the first cryptocurrency exchange, which was officially licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Authority;
  • Circle – a crypto startup supported by the investment bank Goldman Sachs, which offers the next products: Circle Invest, Circle Pay and the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex;

• Coinbase – a popular American digital wallet and platform that has more than 20 million users;

  • Power Ledger – a project that allows selling P2P solar energy. Blockchain technology provides a transparent and automated trading mechanism;
  • TenX is a project that offers a TenX mobile wallet, a debit card bank account, an ATM, and much more for cryptocurrency owners. Currently available Android, iOS and web application. Wallet supports the principle of TenX for constant user access;

Other cryptocurrency firms that are in the Top 100 rating can be found here.

The companies mentioned above influence the rapid introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrency at the macro level. However, even at the micro level, digital currency is actively integrated into everyday life. In different countries, you can already pay a bill at the bar using cryptocurrency:

Buy a house on the Adriatic coast:

Balkans, Montenegro

pay for a taxi (Puerto Rico) or buy food at the airport (Australia):

Brisbane Airport, Australia

The Bittrade Group team has created own token, which can be used not only as a trading tool. At the same time, it has a wide range of applications within the platform. First, it allows users to pay for an educational course and access to the private chat with trading predictions. Secondly, it can be used to pay for the SMM pump. Popular social networks are tools that can be used both for business purposes and for bounty campaigns. Thirdly, the Bittrade platform implements several passive income methods, one of which is a masternode pool. The project token gives the participants an opportunity to join the masternode pool and receive a percentage of the investment amount. The scope of application of the Bittrade Group token will expand as the platform evolves, so stay tuned for recent news.

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