Compensation Fund: First Round Completed

In the cryptospace, there are several ways to gain profit without investments. The most popular is the Bounty campaign, which allows users to receive project tokens for specific actions on social networks. However, if earlier projects have actively shared their coins, nowadays the number of deceived participants has significantly increased.

Many projects do not collect enough investment. There are also frequent cases of team fraud that uses ICO not to finance further development, but to enrich itself at the expense of investors. Participants of the Bounty campaigns are making a lot of efforts, but ultimately they can be left with nothing.

That is why Bittrade Group has launched a compensation fund for participants of investment projects and Bounty campaigns that have lost their money due to the fraud, failure to fulfill obligations, violation of conditions and promises of the project team. Losses of participants are compensated in project tokens, created on the WAVES blockchain.

Last week, the first phase of coins’ distribution took place. You can check it here:

Tokens were paid to all participants of the compensation fund:

Accrued tokens can be used to trade on the WAVES DEX exchange or pay for services offered by the Bittrade Group:

Users of the platform can increase the number of subscribers, views or likes on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. Social networks pump creates the audience around a product, service, or a profile. Promotion of accounts also helps to stimulate sales, form a pool of loyal users, or merely increase popularity among friends and acquaintances. Also, promoted profiles on social networks are necessary to participate in the Bounty campaigns. Bittrade Group offers the best quality for the low price compared to other services.

The Bittrade team created a training course that includes all the necessary knowledge for successful investment portfolio management. The course covers not only fundamental and technical analysis but also includes information about the safe storage of cryptocurrency assets. Our speakers help students to apply their knowledge to practice. Also, all participants receive a certificate of attendance and access to the private chat of our traders.

Trading in the cryptocurrency market is not an easy task. In the absence of a sufficient level of knowledge, many novice traders quickly decrease their capital. A search for the help of more experienced colleagues leads them to several telegrams’ channels with often confronting forecasts. This dramatically worsens their situation. Our traders have developed their successful trading strategies. Based on their experience, they post their predictions in the private telegram chat. Participants in the compensation fund can purchase access to it and trade more confidently and profitably.

In essence, a cryptocurrency lending is a method of leasing a digital asset. The project, thus, can stabilize the price of the token, as well as increase its demand. Participants are given the opportunity to receive 30% of the amount of invested funds every 90 days, which is 120% per annum!

The Bittrade Group project is focused on the long-term development. Therefore, the Bittrade team is interested in expanding the crypto community. The compensation fund will allow the project not only to acquaint participants with the offered services but also to restore confidence in the industry.

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