Start a new pool for the Bettex Project Masternodes

Earlier we announced the launch of a pool for investment in the Bettex masternode. For some reason we were forced to postpone its start and probably it will positively affect the […]

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New Pool for the Polis Masternode

The cryptocurrency market is going through hard times – a sharp drop in the Bitcoin price led to a decline in the value of most alternative coins. However, the Bittrade […]

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The Bettex Masternode

The gambling industry is one of the fastest growing and promising sectors. Currently, its total market capitalization is estimated at more than $ 50 billion. Source: Internet betting is […]

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New Pool for the SmartCash Masternode

The number of masternodes has sharply increased over the past year. However, finding a reliable project, investment in which allowed getting a sustainable profit, is not so easy. SmartCash stands […]

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Masternodes: Passive income on the cryptocurrency

Proportional to the reduction of the market capitalization decreases the enthusiasm of the participants in the crypto-space. Despite the falling market, there are plenty of options for earning money on […]

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