Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus OCTOBER 10, 2018

The second large-scale conference in Belarus organized by Smile-Expo, featuring the future prospects of the country in terms of the legalization of cryptocurrency, blockchain
Key topics:
– legislation: future prospects of crypto business in Belarus;
– blockchain-based business solutions;
– cryptocurrencies: forecasts for 2018;
– ICO for investors and organizers.
Participants: blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, developers, crypto enthusiasts, law experts.


  • How much do people earn from mining? Graphics cards or ASICs? Review of specific case studies.
  • Con games on the cryptocurrency market
  • Management of loyalty 2.0
  • Mining 2.0
  • Future regulation of crypto economy in terms of the decree no. 8
  • Establishment of the distributed system of the future: blockchain and reputation
  • Application of blockchain technologies in state and commercial economic sectors
  • AML and KYC procedures
  • Blockchain without mining. Self-governance inside EOS
  • Establishment of a general legal strategy for ICO
  • Promotion of ico, how to find and attract investors
  • Attracting investments in the market of blockchain technologies of the Republic of Belarus

We have spent a lot of time near project RELEX.IO

Relex is an investment platform that uses cryptocurrency to provide transparency, accountability, and immutability to real estate development investment opportunities that could otherwise be considered too risky or opaque.

We think it’s a good opportunity to get good profit in real project.

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